manifesto of sorts….

If, reader, you have been exceptionally patient with this little sparsely posted blog of mine I admire your tenacity! I admit to worrying that my content is a) not interesting enough b) my photography skills are in their foetal stage and c) sometimes I can’t justify the time spent on my ramblings…. So I have resigned myself to pen this site for what its worth….an online journal of moments in time that matter to me and that I would like to preserve for future reference. There, the pressure’s off, and like a great many things I do under pressure I can now relax and enjoy this this montage of my loves. x (I was even procrastinating re posting this without a suitably staged photo of something amazingly beautiful, creative or freshly baked!!)

Hopsalots = happy

Hot off the needles this morning – beautiful day outside but I was determined to finish them off and see their cute faces. Considering these were to be part of an Easter bundle I really needed to get a move on with them. 

A super easy knit from the uber talented Tiny Owl Knits (pattern available on Ravelry here) It was kind of hard to find wool that wasn’t labelled “machine washable” and as I didn’t have time to wait for an online order I found this Panda feltable wool at a really reasonable price at my local Spotlight store. 

The felting process was really therapeutic – I added some patchouli essential oil to the lather and they smell divine. 


Afternoon delightful

Just picked up the new edition of Frankie – the most awesomest mag ever! I confess to getting a tad excited when I know it’s due to come out and even more excited when I know I have the house to myself for an hour to totally indulge in a cuppa and a great read!ImageImageImage

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Freshly pressed

Hey there! Welcome to my little journal where I’ll jot down the comings and goings of life around our space. It can get a little crazy wild, a little knitty and hooky, a little textiley, a little foodie and a lotta lovey! 



I’ve baked a cake to share and popped the kettle on….won’t you come on down to the garden and we’ll have some tea xImage