Saturday night…

What was looking like a rather ho hum Saturday night turned out to be very enjoyable! Being the last Saturday night of the school hols I was keen to do something exciting, memorable, earth shattering maybe….our youngest was off to a sleepover, Dem was off to the show with her besties so it was just the three of us at home. We decided to drive in to town to find some luscious Thai takeaway to add some pomp and ceremony to the blandness of the night. Well it seems lot of other people had the same idea and subsequently there was a 35min wait for the goods. Not ones to sit around and wait patiently we headed off to a local beach to view the most amazing golden beaming moon that was shining down on us.


It was mesmerising! The giant orb was hanging heavily in the night sky and lit up a path along the water that seemed to head straight toward us. The experience was very moving – ethereal even – and we were reluctant to head back to the frantic energy of the Thai restaurant.

So off home we jaunted – chuffed that we had experienced such beauty. We devoured our delicious Thai with gusto and my hubby settled himself in front of the telly to watch his football team play for him – he was content. Courtney buried herself into the realms of cyberspace and not really wanting to watch the football I collected an embroidery I’m working on and flicked through the channels on our other tele a little despondent with what I found. Then the credits started for a movie on an obscure, not watched very often, channel and I thought I’d let it run for a bit as I couldn’t find anything else. Well it was great! It was called Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock starring as two apprentice witches living with their spellbinding aunts in the most amazing house ever! It puts (although I still confess to loving immensely) the Hamptons houses of It’s Complicated and Something’s Gotta Give into mediocrity – I so want to live there…and the gardens – oh my just swoonifying.

Practical magic house

So my little Saturday night was full of surprises and well quite magical after all!

PS Practical Magic’s soundtrack is pretty awesome too – I downloaded it from ITunes to add a little magic to my every day xo


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