Friday, blissfully floating into the weekend

Dear reader, what a long week it has been – starting at a new school – liking it immensely but feeling a little worn for the experience. The prospect of two days off is a delight. Delightful even with the forecast well, forecasting a deluge of rain of biblical proportions and sporting events crammed into every nook and cranny of the 48 hours. I took a stroll into the garden and the first little freesia had bobbed its fragrant head into our world and I made a mental note to plant even more next year as they are just so lovely. It was the same thought process last year that has lead to a plethora of sweet peas radiating their glory inside our house. 




The early camellias are flouncing around 


snowdrops peeking shyly from their leafy domain


and the golden orb of our blood orange promises freshly squeezed juices laced with vitamin C


So I raise a glass to this mid August weekend and reader I hope you too can appreciate the beauty that buffers us from the sometimes manic, crazy lives we inhabit xx


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