Proud moment in time…

Dear reader

today is the day that Courtney was inducted as a prefect for her last year of school. Norm and I are so proud of this little one for whom school has been quite a worrisome annoying affair and the road to year 11 has been a rocky one at times. I am chuffed at how she has pulled it together and emerged graceful and empowered and has been duly recognised for her efforts. 


Saturday night will be etched into our memory banks for many reasons. We attended a rather amazing 70s retro party at an equally amazing abode. The home of the hostess is an eclectic mix of bohemian and found items that just make you feel instantly welcomed and loved. Retro food was produced amongst the fairy lights and glowing pit fire – old friendships mingled with new. Day beds adorned nearly every room and were sprinkled with plush, embroidered cushions beckoning you to lay down for a while with them. 


Yeah baby! I was after the Ali MacGraw look from Love Story and Norm was happy to be a yobbo wielding a mullet…


Some happy revellers…


Mini prawn cocktails served in shot glasses – great idea!


Fairy lights were strewn onto any available (or not) surface….


Yay for the internet – here is my inspiration for what I wore –


Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the Op shops were all out of red tartan skirts and tights…


So dear reader a memorable night was had – looking very forward to the next xx



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