May in the southern hemisphere is a wondrous adventure of chilly nights and sunny sunny days filled with a big blue sky. Nature is transitioning us into its slumbering winter taking us gently into the depths of slow cooked meals and nights of snuggling under comforting blankets with a project in hand to keep the fingers and mind nimble.


My project of choice (way too many choices!!) is a crocheted number that has been languishing in ‘the pile’ over summer. It was conceived about this time last year and like a middle child melded itself amongst the bustle of more lavish endeavours AKA the hexagon blanket and the bee keeper’s quilt and then there’s an embroidered quilt …..oh! and a tapestry cushion by Kaffe Fasset… I chose the project most likely to be finished in the least amount of time – to keep the ball of enthusiasm rolling – with hope of snowballing down that hill of completeness in lightning speed!


Here she is in her infancy and it makes me feel chuffed to think she’s grown so much – I figure 2 rows a night and she’ll be fulfilling her destiny as a snuggling implement – all soft and warm – in about a month – Yay! Then to prioritise the other projects and to be disciplined enough n o t to start another – ahem….


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