On a winter’s morn…

IMG_6627I l

I adore the languishing shadows that stretch and blur in the morning light – it’s a magical time especially in winter when the chill of the night is gently pushed aside by warming rays of light giving way to a crisp fresh day.


The wisteria has shed her summer frills and stands bare and solemn against the winter sky. She slumbers deeply unaware of the raging party that lies at her feet.


The snowdrops are shy and bow their little polka dotted caps to the unfurling day – these little guys have multiplied under the earth during summer and burst into life with their strappy leaves and dainty flowers, the loveliest shade of green – every year they creep and encroach on more ground which is just fine with me! I’m so glad they feel they can run amok in our garden.


The lavender bush are well poised and wave their  petals like flags in a fairground, their soothing scent permeating the crisp air and enticing a sentinel of bees to taste their wares.


I love white pansies and have found them hard to find in the nurseries. I’m going to try to save some seeds this year and if that fails buy some seeds and raise them in my (still in the box…) mini greenhouse (thanks Aldi!) late spring next year. It is true when they say that white flowers glow in your garden – they really do! And not just at dusk either I can spot my pots brimming with their happy faces from far off and they give my heart a little skippy beat of joy.


And lastly for today the Japonica camellias are bursting with colour, big pops of gaudy cerise like flowery exclamation marks dotted throughout the garden. They ask for little – not high maintenance girls at all – like the bulbs they unasumingly  survive the hot humid summers we experience here and faithfully perform once winter rounds the corner.

What flowering in your garden?


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